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MRI Machine Suppliers in India

Edge Medical Solutions is a noted entity that has been supplying MRI Machines since inception. The company is recognised as the reliable supplier of MRI machines in Indian Market and has acquired a great place in the industry by purveying only best to its clients from various renowned Hospitals & Clinics. The firm is offering diverse types of MRI Machines at market leading price.

Types of MRI Machines :

1.5T MRI Machine Supliers

1.5T MRI Machines are the standardised Machines used for adequate MRI scan. This Machine is mostly preferred by hospitals and medical institutes. Offered advanced machines give accurate results and help to examine the internal part of the body. 1.5T MRI has the strong magnetic field. These type of MRI Machine help to diagnose the reason for internal bleeding and cause of heart stroke. Edge Medical solutions is a prominent supplier of 1.5T MRI. The firm provides eminent quality of the MRI Machines at the affordable cost.

AIRIS 2 MRI Machine

AIRIS 2 MRI Machine comes with various specifications, these Machine give the incredible performance, they are technology driven, eminent magnetic field and gives clear results. AIRIS 2 MRI Machine are widely used around the globe. They are the most advanced type of MRI Machines. Edge Medical solutions is a leading supplier of AIRIS 2 MRI Machine. The company offers its services in both rural and urban areas and caters doorstep installation and repair services of the offered Machines. Edge Medical Solution has qualified professionals who follow all the quality check parameters to deliver the best Medical Equippments in the market. The company has set a benchmark in providing medical services in rural areas as well.

0.3T MRI Machine Suppliers

Edge Medical Solutions has set an unrivalled image in the Indian market by purveying superior quality medical equipment, one of them is 0.3T MRI Machines. These machines are designed to fulfil the market requirement of the MRI Machines. Offered machines are pristine and reliable to use in the medical industry. 0.3T MRI Machines are highly efficient and give an accurate image of the particular part of the body. These machines work according to the patient's concern and there requirement. 0.3T MRI Machines have a dynamic technology to give the perfect image of the body. The company is prominent amongst 0.3T MRI suppliers in India. The entity has laid down its services since a long time and providing tremendous services along with the unmatched quality medical devices to its respective clients.